Hima Bindu:

We had moved from Hyderabad to Guntur during school year 2019-20. Both my sons Aman and Anuj joined grade 10 and 9 respectively. I want to emphasize on the process of transfer from international board to CBSE board. Because of School administration especially Latha madam and Principal Sajitha madam knowledge about CBSE guidelines this transfer was possible. I would like to thank "Topkids administration" for their passion and care for every child even it's for 1 academic year.
Academics were handled by skilled teachers who support kids to excel in their academics. The School works on independent development of a child with out "spoon feeding".
School environment is always filled positive energy which made my kids transfer very easy. I am pleasantly surprised by kids character who welcomed and included both my sons in their gang without any prejudice. Topkids school always inculcate positive attitude and character. Extracurricular activities just shown the unknown side of my sons especially "Radio" and "Drama". Topkids makes your kids self confident and self sustaining which is very much a requirement for present world.


Sasi Kanth
Regional Sales Manager - Home Loans
Axis Bank, AP

Both my Kids Sravan & Jagruth are studying in 9th & 6th class respectively. By profession am a banker working in Vijayawada for the past 2 yrs. Before admitting my kids into Top kids, I changed 2 schools which were complete disappointment for us as a parents.

I didn't moved my family to Vijayawada and the reason behind is Top Kids School because, unlike other schools, Top Kids nurtures the students' curiousity and their ideas. Teachers are very patient and caring with them. They listen to ours as well as students opinions on a particular idea, which is very important for a teacher-student-Parent relationship. Allowing the kids to teach and discuss on topics allow them to gain more knowledge. Atleast I never heard or come across any such instances where kids being hurted by the teachers.

I am not exaggerating and this is fact that I couldn't find a suitable school in Vijayawada for my kids that matches Top Kids School. Sports & pushing the students in appearing competitive exams are the 2 areas which as a school can look into from the current levels.


Malini Prabha
I chose Top kids School for my daughter and son with high expectations of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am not disappointed at all. TKS has delivered more than my expectations. The staff is very caring, professional and responsible. For which we opted to get back to TKS when we were back to India. Thanks to the management



Dr Sowjanya Nannapaneni:

A school where value education is provided in a stress free manner. Academics & extracurricular activities are both well taken care of. The healthy school environment and it’s caring & dedicated staff help the kids to become self confident & independent . Above all , kids love Topkids & enjoy coming to school .



It is a great school with affordable education. They pay a lot of attention to academics and discipline. ..The present situation is challanging as well as an opputunity for us parents to be more involved with our children. Online classes has helped our sons to stay focused. Thankyou teachers and coordinators for all your efforts and dedication. I recommend Top Kids School l in the highest of terms.

Kiran Babu P
Executive Director - BNI


I’ve moved to Guntur two years ago…

Identifying the right academic institution is the biggest hurdle any parent would go through when they relocate to a new city and my struggle was equally similar. But by the end of some conversations with a few people and also personally checking most of the schools, I was left with just 2-3 CBSE schools throughout Guntur that I thought was appropriate for my kids who were supposed to join in the 6th and 2nd standard.


The conditions I had in mind were that the school should have

1) Appropriate student-teacher ratio,

2) decent ambience,

3) Easy commuting (school buses),

4) Disciplined atmosphere,

5) Good teachers

6) Less pressure on students

7) A noble vision for the future generation

Not only did I find TOP KIDS matching most of the norms, but I was also surprised to see that very few schools in Guntur match these criteria with such affordable school fees.

The best part of the school is that Top Kids does not worry about advertising and instead, they put in their efforts for the betterment of the organization. One of the very few academic institutions which focused on internal development than on acquiring more and more students. The management is very approachable and accommodating. They take feedback very positively and try and implement most of the changes as long as it goes with the best interest of the student and the school. Tops Kids is a very responsible school and I strongly recommend this school to parents who want to join their kids in a school that balances all acts of an accountable institution.

Dr Sri Harsha & Dr.Bindesh:


It was for the first time enrolling our only daughter in preschool..and we were very nervous about every aspect of child care. The Teachers made us feel very comfortable through their friendly nurturing and professional manner..it has been 3 yrs since my daughter has been attending top kids school ...and she absolutely loves it !!!!
My opinion abt this school is great as children are treated with out expectations with kindness and respect..and each child is made to feel important. As a parent, I love the line of communication between the staff and myself which is open all the times.

During this weird corona times..the first thing my daughter asks after waking up is ...When does the school reopen? We recommend top kids school to all parents..


Sivaratan Boob:


Top Kids over the years has been the best CBSE school in Guntur. The ambience that it provides to my kids is very friendly along with skillful, trained teachers and efficient grievance solving mechanism involving parents. The school has one of best academic curriculum with useful add-on activities where students are taught to manage both, enhancing sportsman's spirit and creative thinking. Nevertheless the school also keeps me informed about the growth of my child in various fields with regular interactive PTM’s. I would always recommend top kids to my family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you Lata mam & management of Top Kids for filling the gap in Guntur & helping parents like me for putting their children with them & not put them to hostels for better studies.


P G Srinivas , Country Head -India
Magnetic Technologies L.L.C, Dubai


In the current dynamics of corporate education, we are pleased to have chosen Top Kids School, for our precious child. Located in a serene atmosphere in Guntur city, is certainly a big attraction, as children gets to study in a non polluted environment. Importantly, children are guided by a well mannered faculty, who do not scoff at them when being approached and always forthcoming to have their doubts clarified. No undue pressure is put on students to excel in studies, but students still excel, as the faculty is smart in motivating students to achieve academic excellence.


An important feather in the cap of this school, is its excellent playground and decent sporting infrastructure, as in today’s context, its important for children to happily wind up at the playground to stay strongly motivated to excel in their primary objective. Interestingly, the students get to go to school safely and punctually in comfortable school bus.


With an option to learn fine arts like Dance, Music, etc, we can’t be more happy with this school and strongly recommend to parents, who would want their children to be guided smartly in their foundation years.